Today in  LeClaire, Iowa

Mayor Bob Scannell 
Mayor Bob Scannell
Contact the Mayor at
289-4242 Ext.1111 

City Hall

City Hall
325 Wisconsin Street
(563) 289-4242

City Council Members
Barry Long
Ray Allen
Jason Wentland
Barry Long
Justin Graff
Terri Applegate
Duties: Finances and Library Board Liaison
289-4242 Ext. 1155
Duties: Streets
289-4242 Ext. 1154
Duties: Utilities ( Sewer, Garbage, Hydro, Telecom.) & Tourism Board and Civic and Business Organization Liaison, Mayor Pro-Tem
289-4242 Ext. 1152
Duties: Parks & Recreation (Rec, Levee, Park Boards) & Liaison to Police and Fire Departments
289-4242 Ext. 1151
Duties: Ordinances, Policies, and Liaison to P&Z and B.O.A.
289-4242 Ext. 1153

-City Administrator - Edwin N. Choate                                       -Deputy City Clerk - Deborah F. Buskirk                                               

-Chief of Police - Shane Themas                                               -Public Works Supervisor - Mark S. Dale                                                

-Fire Chief - Jim Bradley

-Library Director - Jillian Aschliman

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