Boards & Commissions

Library Board of Trustees

Seven 6 year Terms

Term Expiration
Nick Johnson, Trustee
June 2024
Karen Nelson, President
June 2022
Nikki Allers, Secretary
June 2020
Barb Arland-Fye, Trustee
June 2020
Ray Ainslie, Trustee
June 2024
Michael Souhrada, Trustee
June 2022
Meredith Zeitlow, Trustee
June 2020

Planning and Zoning Commission

Seven 5 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Jodi Creswell
912 Reynolds Street
Jeanette Kerr
110 S. 2nd Street
Kenneth Motz (Chair)1112 Iowa Drive6-10-23
Ray Norris1130 Woodland Lne6-10-21
Sarah Thuenen503 Dodge Street6-10-23
Steve Zelle1503 Holland Street6-10-22

Board of Adjustment

Five 5 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Bill Gillespie1430 Davenport Street3-2-22
Pete Jarvis1913 Canal Shore Drive SW3-2-20
Mindy Swank2220 Tara Lane3-2-19
Linda Kamp833 Canal Shore Drive SW3-2-23
Debbie Smith421 N. 15th Street3-2-21

Parks & Recreation Commission

Seven 3 Year Terms

NameAddressTerm Expiration
Marc Hilliard (Chair)419 S. 8th Street8-10-19
Megan Hershbarger
904 Wild West Drive
Lauren Friedenberg
#7 William Court
Brent Ayers
398 Stagecoach Trail
April Flanigan (Secretary)308 N. Cody Road8-10-19
Bob Haessler (Vice Chair)#5 Oakley Drive8-10-20
Nathan Greuel (Treasurer)2397 Forest Reed Place8-10-19

LeClaire Tourism Board

Ten Permanent and Staggered 2 year Terms

NameRepresentingAddressTerm Expiration
Ray AllenMayor, Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)
Barry LongCouncil Member, Ex-Officio Member (Non-Voting)
Debbie Mulvania, PresidentLeClaire Chamber of Commerce
Ron LeibyNon-Profits910 N. 3rd Street06/30/19
Michael BrischLodging1201 Canal Shore DrivePermanent
Liz Quinn Retail1102 S. 32st St, Clinton6/30/19
Bob Schiffke, Vice PresidentMuseum/Attractions199 Front StreetPermanent
Carl BoehlFestivals, Events, etc.212 N. 10th Street6/30/20
Monica Schons
Retail430 N. Cody Road
Amanda HarveyRestaurantsP. O. Box 1596/30/19
Emily Gwin, SecretaryRetailP. O. Box 4836/30/19
Cindy BruhnTourism ManagerLeClaire Information CenterContractor

I.T. Committee Members

Gary Wagner, 801 Clover Hill Lane