Strategic Plan

Create Young Readers: Early Literacy      

Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.

Goal #1: Families of non-library users will find out about activities for preschoolers and early elementary students.   

  • Objective 1: In late 2021 the Youth Services Coordinator will resume storytime visits to local daycares. They will visit each daycare at least once a month.
  • Objective 2: The Youth Services Coordinator will resume book talks at Bridgeview and Cody Elementary during the 2021-2022 school year. Staff will create a kid-friendly one-page flyer about the library’s services to give to parents.
  • Objective 3: The library will staff a pop-up library with library card signup at least once a year at school open houses and events during the 2022-2023 school year. 

Goal #2: Early readers will experience multicultural and diversity programs at the library. 

  • Objective 1: Starting in 2021 the library will purchase at least eight bilingual children’s books a year. 
  • Objective 2: In 2021 the library will increase the number of bilingual storytimes for children and their parents from once to twice a month.
  • Objective 3: Beginning in 2021 the library will promote/host five different cultural holidays per year, through seasonal display, storytime, or programming.

Goal #3: Parents and caregivers will be given the resources to understand early literacy practices, along with skills they can use outside the library to create young readers.

  • Objectives 1: The library will provide literacy tips at the end of every standing PreK program. 
  • Objective 2: In 2021, the library will step up the purchase of interactive reading and learning tools.
  • Objective 3: In 2022, parents will have an opportunity to learn the basics of baby sign language through books and workshops.

Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning

Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives.

Goal #1: Citizens will grow through hot topic book discussions and lectures. 

  • Objective 1: Beginning in 2022 the library will hold an annual community-wide book discussion for teens and adults.
  • Objective 2: In 2022 the library will host lecturers from local colleges to speak on current issues.

Goal #2: Teens and adults will find a diversity of programming from local organizations. 

  • Objective 1: The library will continue to partner with Quad City Arts for one large all-ages or adult musical event a year. 
  • Objective 2: The library will continue to utilize PVHS teens to create virtual programs for the library.
  • Objective 3: The Youth Services Coordinator will research STEM, STEAM, and literary programming and/or partnerships and develop a plan to offer program opportunities for tweens by late 2022.
  • Objective 4: Library staff will continue to seek out programs and speakers on a variety of subjects for adults or all-ages audiences. 

Goal #3: Residents will learn about LeClaire’s past, present, and future through a variety of programs and activities. 

  • Objective 1: In 2022 library will host talks by mayor and council members, city staff, and local historians and visionaries.
  • Objective 2: In 2022 the library will host off-site tours.
  • Objective 3: By 2022 the director will develop a programming partnership whereby PVHS students will interview LeClaire senior citizens about their stories and experiences and the students will turn these interviews into short videos that can be posted on the library’s Facebook and YouTube channel. 
  • Objectives 4: In 2022 the library director will contact the Buffalo Bill Museum and local collectors to inquire about artifact loans for exhibiting in the library. (Possible insurance issues to be figured)

Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking.

Goal #1: Citizens will have a dynamic outdoor space for programming and community. 

  • Objective 1: In 2021 the library director will reconvene the plaza team to modify the current design. Feedback from the public will be required after that.
  • Objective 2: In 2022 the library director with the assistance of City Hall and the Friends will apply for grant money to further fund the plaza redevelopment. The city has $350,000 in bonded money for the project.

Approved by the LeClaire Community Library Board 5/11/2021