Overdues, Fines, Bill


LeClaire Library does not charge overdue fines for our materials except museum passes, Launchpads, and hotspots.  Materials not returned or returned with damage will be subject to fees equaling replacement cost.

Does this mean I can keep items as long as I want?

No, customers will still be expected to return materials on time so that all members of the community might have access to them. We will continue to follow our notification system to help you remember when items are due back. If items are not returned in a timely manner the account will be charged the replacement cost and the account will be blocked.

  • Patron Overdue Notification Schedule

            1. First notice of overdue items will be issued 10 days after due date and sent to each patron upon verification, based on their chosen notification preference (phone, email, text message, etc).

            2. Second notice of overdue items will be issued 20 days after due date and sent to each patron upon verification

            3. Third notice in the form of a bill listing overdue items and their replacement price will be issued after 30 days and mailed to each patron after verification.

            4. Long Overdue Materials—Library accounts for which a bill has been sent may be submitted to a collection agency and/or to a local law enforcement agency for further action. (See appendix A, pg. 4- Code of Iowa, Chapter 714.5 Theft of Library Materials and Equipment)

  • Fines and Fees

 Launchpads, hotspots, and museum passes are subject to a fine of $1/day. 

You may pay overdue fines at any RiverShare Library. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items must be paid to the library which owns the item.

  • Lost or Damaged Materials 

Patrons are responsible for any materials lost or damaged checked-out to their library card.

  • The replacement cost for a lost or damaged item is charged to the borrower’s account on which the item was checked out at the time it was lost or damaged.
  • Borrowers are responsible for materials which were checked out on lost or stolen cards prior to notification to the library of the card loss, with a maximum liability of $50.00
  • The replacement cost of the item is listed in the library’s item record, typically its retail cost.
  • Patrons may not replace lost or damaged items with like or in-kind materials.
  • Replacement or repair costs may be waived in full or part by the Library Director (or his/her designee), on a case-by-case basis.

Questions about Fine Free and Amnesty starting January 2023?