Sewer/Wastewater Facilities

Sewer Department

  • Sewer Emergencies:  For any sewer emergencies, the city PWD can be reached 24/7/365 by dialing (563) 529-8203.  This will put you directly into the Public Works Department emergency contact voice mailbox where you can leave a message which will be automatically relayed to Public Works personnel.
  • Plant Staffing:  The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city’s sewer plant, laboratory, 33 miles of sanitary sewer system, and 6 sanitary lift stations located throughout the city.
  • Plant Information:  The LeClaire Sewer/Wastewater Plant was first built in 1962 and was located on the levee, and the City’s Sewer System dates back to the 1940’s or 1950’s.  In 1984, the City completed our current Sewer Plant at 1800 Iowa Drive and a number of lift stations.  From 2011-2013, the City made a large investment in plant and lift station upgrades due to growth and Iowa Department of Natural Resources requirements and regulations.  Those consisted of 3 new pump stations with standby generators, fiber-optic networking, additional sewer force main, and manhole rehab and pipe lining.  The Plant has an 800 KW backup generator used during power outages.
  • Flow Capacity:  The average daily dry weather flow into the Sewer Plant is 500,000 gallons per day (MGD). The average wet weather flow is 1.54 MGD and the maxium wet weather flow is 2.56 MGD.  All sewage is pumped to the treatment plant from 6 sewage pump/lift stations located throughout the city.
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