Street Improvement Updates and Information

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There are a variety of street repairs, improvements, and projects completed throughout the city each year.  Here is a summary of some of the improvements you have been and will be seeing with our city streets.

Potholes:  The Public Works Department addresses and fills potholes throughout the year.  We are able to fill the worst ones in the winter and then concentrate citywide on all of them after the winter season beginning in the spring and continuing through the summer.  Pothole repair scheduling depends on a variety of factors (when the plant is operating and mix availability, our own scheduling and crew availability, weather (rain, snow, temperatures), etc...)  Even though the Public Works Department keeps an ongoing list of potholes and areas for repair, we will be adding a feature to the Public Works/City website in the near future allowing citizens to report potholes as well.  Watch for this soon!

Concrete Panel replacement:  Depending on the year, the City budgets money for some sections of concrete panel replacement.  Some of the smaller panels/sections of replacement are completed by our Public Works staff, while some of the larger, more comprehensive sections are contracted out.

Crack and Joint Sealing program:  Depending on the year, the City budgets money for an ongoing maintenance program of our concrete streets throughout the city.  This includes crack and joint sealing by an outside contractor.

Major street overlays or replacement:  Depending on the year, the City budgets money for asphalt street overlays and/or complete asphalt/concrete street replacement.  Take a look at the documents below for some major street improvements TENTATIVELY budgeted in the next number of years.