Bald Eagles of LeClaire

Join us Sunday, January 19th for BALD EAGLE DAY:

Beat Cabin Fever this January in LeClaire, Iowa!

Are you a nature lover? Enjoy a great eagle presentation with three local photographers starting at 2pm at the LeClaire Civic Center on Sunday, January 19.

Sunday, January 19, 2pm: Join us for a Bald Eagle photo presentation and commentaries by renowned local wildlife photographers Mike Fitzgerald, Burt Gearhart, and Larry Williams on Sunday, January 19 at 2pm at the LeClaire Civic Center, 127 S. Cody Road.

Their presentations will detail when and where you can view and photograph Bald Eagles in the QCA. They will also show and tell you about the equipment and techniques they use to create amazing Bald Eagle photographs.

There will be an all-ages slide presentation and lecture that will reveal many interesting discoveries about Bald Eagles and their everyday lives in Iowa. See eagles diving for fish, eating while flying, flying with icicles on their toes, and much more. Learn to distinguish between immature and mature eagles, what they eat, and why they winter in the area. Attendees will learn details about this incredible wildlife opportunity to view and photograph the annual winter gathering of Bald Eagles along the Mississippi River north and south of LeClaire.

This program is FREE and open to the public.

Michael Fitzgerald is a long-time resident of Bettendorf, Iowa and has enjoyed photographing wildlife since retirement in 2006.  Spending hours on the banks and shores of rivers and lakes in the Midwest, Michael has captured eagles, kingfishers, ducks, cranes, herons and other waterfowl and raptors.  In the woods, Michael’s legendary patience has been rewarded with images of barred, great horned, screech, sawwhet, great gray and snowy owls. Though birds in their typical environment remain his primary photography interest, Michael’s frequent presence in nature has allowed him to turn his lens to many mammals and reptiles of the Midwest. Michael’s photography can often be viewed on Facebook.

Larry Williams was born in Moline, IL and is presently living in Silvis, IL. He served as a Combat Medic with the US Army in Vietnam. He is a Past President of the Illinois Society of Respiratory Therapy, and was the Director of Cardiopulmonary and Neurology Services at Agnesian Health Care in Fond du Lac, WI.  Today he is an avid wildlife photographer specializing in bird photography, such as raptors, hummingbirds, and warblers.

Burt Gearhart is originally from Newton, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Iowa with an advanced degree in Industrial Engineering with emphasis on Operations Research and Computer Science. Burt moved to Texas to work for Ross Perot's company, Electronic Data Systems, and later founded his own software development firm, Applied Computer Technology. Burt and his wife, Marilyn, returned to Iowa after 38 years in Texas to be close to family. Burt was always interested in photography and decided to get serious about it after returning to Iowa. He is very partial to winter Bald Eagle photography in the world's best location - LeClaire's Lock and Dam 14. He is also a frequent speaker on Bald Eagle, Nature, and Landscape locations and photography.


Bald Eagle Viewing and Photography in LeClaire

Look to the skies in LeClaire, Iowa! Nature photographers and bird watchers alike will be delighted with the incredible opportunities at Lock and Dam Number 14 on the mighty Mississippi River. Capture amazing photos and witness the majestic sightings of Bald Eagles in the winter months and high-flying Pelicans that call LeClaire home during the spring and summer months. This is a can’t miss opportunity to see our nation’s bird up close and in-person.

Best Time to Visit

Eagles start to gather around the southside of Lock and Dam 14 in LeClaire as the ice starts to form in December and linger around late February to early March. In the springtime, Pelicans start to gather on the southside of the channel in the late spring and early summer months and can be seen soaring in the skies above LeClaire through August and September!

Lock and Dam Number 14 is located on the Mississippi River, just off Highway 67 and just South of Interstate 80.

Photo Credit: Larry Williams