It’s Time to Eat!

Take a bite of the tasty dining selections located in LeClaire, IA.

Dining Directory

Calling all foodies! Our bodies need it. We love to do it. And it’s easy to find. Some of the yummiest cuisines await you right here in LeClaire! As if handcrafted just for you, the local restaurateurs serve up an amazing variety of Iowa-grown flavor accompanied by wide river views! From home-cooked classics to your soon-to-be favorites, the eclectic menu options will keep you coming back for more!

wide river winery

Local Hotspots 

Turn local delicacy up a notch with these surefire eating locations! Like all the dining choices in LeClaire, these locales help showcase the timeless favorites that keep our guests coming back for more! 

Green Tree Brewery

Libations Lane 

You won’t need to travel far for some of the best wine, beer, or distilled spirits in Iowa! In fact, LeClaire’s very own winery, brewery, and distillery are located within a two-block radius of each other. Stop by for a quick refresher or plan a weekend alongside live music, delicious appetizers, and an incredible beverage selection! Check out the Libations Lane page for more information! 


Coffee, Tea, & Sweet Treats 

Snack lovers unite! In need of a little caffeine intervention or something sweet and salty to balance out your palate? LeClaire keeps the good eats coming with these fantastic locations! 


Fast Casual

When you just need to grab and go, there’s a fast-casual option ready to serve up those well-known favorites. Told ya! LeClaire does have it all.