The Public Works Department addresses and fills potholes throughout the year. We are able to fill the worst ones in the winter and then concentrate citywide on all of them after the winter season beginning in the spring and continuing through the summer. Pothole repair scheduling depends on a variety of factors (when the plant is operating and mix availability, our own scheduling and crew availability, weather (rain, snow, temperatures), etc...) Even though the Public Works Department keeps an ongoing list of potholes and areas for repair, we will be adding a feature to the this page in the near future allowing citizens to report potholes as well.

Public Works Crews have put down 35.22 Tons (over 15 full days) of Hotmix/Patch for Potholes between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 on LeClaire Roads. 

7-1-2019 to 6-30-2020:  113.59 tons

7-1-2020 to 6-30-2021:  150 tons (58 days)

7-1-2021 to 6-30-2022:  40.22 tons (16 days)

7-1-2022 to 6-30-2023:  35.22 tons  (15 days)

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